Port of Hamburg

„Face to Face with the Giants” – the special harbour tour

With special permission we drive onto two of our four Container Terminals in the port of Hamburg, visiting the giants of the oceans.

When I was a child, I was interested in our big port and the “gate to the world” in special way.
I always experience a feeling of Wanderlust when staying at the waterfront while seeing the big ships coming and leaving. This is still the case today.

The bus company Jasper makes it possible to admire ships from a short distance. We’re driving with special permission and yellow-blinking lights on top of the bus onto the container terminals directly to the pier. During this 3-hour insider tour, you’ll get interesting information concerning (container-) seafaring and you’ll look behind the scenes of our port, which is officially locked up the public.

Regarding dates, prices, and booking requests, please get in touch with the company Jasper via its homepage www.jasper.de. Please note that because of international security regulations, you’ll have to carry a valid ID-card or passport with you. A driver’s license is not valid. Without proper proof of identification you will not be allowed to join the tour. Luggage is not permitted, only a small handbag or a day-backpack.

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