Customer Feedback

It was an impressive tour, which received special emphasis through the competent, detailed, detailed and sympathetic explanations and explanations. This is how you win customers.

Mr. Unger managed to explain the technical background in such an interesting way that I, as a non-technical enthusiast, enjoyed it very much. Also the understanding for the people did not come too briefly.

Thies Unger provided us with all the information we needed and he was great. It was really fun to listen to him, because he tells it with love and passion.

Highly recommended, he does it with a lot of heart, humor and knowledge.

You are doing great, you are very easy to understand, a straight one, not boring at all, super interesting

Thanks to your tour guide Mr. Thies Unger, the harbour was explained to us in a very competent and vivid way. We especially liked his natural, cheerful manner of presentation, as well as his friendly, sensitive manner.

A very big compliment goes to Thies Unger, who commented on the tour in a way that could not have been better. One can only congratulate you on such a qualified employee.

He did this in a very relaxed, calm and sometimes very rousing way.

Thies has shown a great deal of detailed knowledge and spiced it up again and again with appealing anecdotes. A lot has stuck and we were all very impressed!

The tour guide with his profound knowledge and lively manner made the trip a highly interesting experience.

The tour was very interesting not least because of the highly competent tour guide Mr. Unger, who imparted his knowledge in a wonderful and entertaining way.

A compliment and a thank you for a very successful city tour with Thies! Very informative, funny and yet authentic.

You were able to convey the information, which was indeed quite extensive, in a relaxed, always competent manner and with very pleasant involvement from my wife and me. Our guests have found your pleasant appearance and your mix of information and entertainment to be absolutely successful. It was a very well-rounded day and you had your share of it.

… your leadership of the tour today, great! Without your passion for “Hamburch”, it would have been only in the beginning so interesting. It’s nice to see someone so passionate about something.

Special praise is due to the tour and harbour guide, Mr. Thies Unger, who has passed on his extensive knowledge to us in an entertaining way and with very interesting references to international shipping, and who has also taken a very firm stand on problems. He is a worthy representative of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg!

The guide has contributed extremely much to the sensational success of our tour. World class. Not one minute boring. And always tells new details.

That was another super performance. You simply have the talent to present interesting details and coherence during 3 hours in an exciting and sometimes funny way. You have the talent that your guests listen to you with open mouth for 3 hours.

Mr. Unger explained in an extremely interesting and revelaling way and contributed to the general amusement with his humorous interludes. All in all a successful tour, everything worked out fine.

The guests hugged her afterwards what a great trip it was. And the tips from Mr. Unger could not have been better. The tour was excellent!

The English tour was great, very interesting, lively and funny. I got only positive feedback from our participants.

The feedback from the guests about Thies was very, very good and especially Thies and his kind were highly praised!

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