Hamborger Jung'

Hi, my name is Thies.

I’ve got my name because my uncle immigrated to America in 1954 – I bear his name. Ten years later, my parents wanted to have a Thies in Hamburg again.

I’ve been an inhabitant of Hamburg with heart and soul for more than 50 years and since at least the fourth generation. Even as a child I constantly investigated my city and knew the Hamburgian Transport Association inside out. I’ve had the right answer to (nearly) every question.

As a child, in history lessons I’ve never received a good grade. Many years after my time at school I had to take part in an examination again in order to become a tour guide at Tourism Association Hamburg. Suddenly, I received a good mark. I believe this was only possible because I felt love for a city, love for the city of Hamburg.

I completed an education in mechanical engineering at Blohm + Voss (shipyard) in Hamburg, afterwards, I became a degreed engineer. Later, I quit working as a mechanical engineer because I felt like the job didn’t suit my personality. For approximately 20 years now, I lead seminars in self-development and consultations with people being in a personal process of change.

Today, my main occupation has its source deeply in my heart. I always did what my heart told me. The very idea of Hamburg and the thought of my roots makes my heart beat faster and shows me very clearly, where I am at home: at the Alster Lake and the River Elbe in Hamburg.

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